Over the last four years PetSure has been a proud supporter and sponsor of the Future Vet Kids Camp, a camp for school kids that are aspiring to become Veterinarians.

The camp, created and organised by Dr Scott Bainbridge and Andra Abolins, runs every January at the Waverly College and caters to children aged 9-16. It offers a fun, informative and hands-on program where kids learn and experience various aspects of the Veterinary profession. The program includes visits to veterinary clinics and referral hospitals as well as a visit to the Veterinary Teaching Hospital at Sydney University, where the kids learn about everything from basic anatomy and common diseases, to suturing and drawing blood.

The program offers a variety of exciting and unique activities each year, and the 2018 camp was no exception with a schedule full of educational ‘animal adventures’, excursions and talks by veterinarians, behaviourists and experts from animal rescue, reptile, small animal and canine sports groups.

Campers also had the opportunity to learn about equine health, genetic diseases, breed identification (presented by Dogs NSW), pet nutrition, and stem cell therapy. There were creepy crawlies to get up close and personal with, and wildlife conservation to learn about. Drs Alison and Audrey from Aussie Mobile Vet and the Greyhound Rescue Association made a special visit this year, to talk to the young animal carers about animal rescue. Participating in the program is a bit like watching Bondi Vet – except here the kids are the stars of the show!

At PetSure we’re all about a life with pets, so each year we offer scholarships to two deserving students (each valued at $595) to attend the camp and help cover costs of the bus for the Sydney University excursion. We love being able to support kids that love animals, encouraging them to provide responsible pet ownership, learn the ins and outs of being a Veterinarian and inspiring them to live a life with pets. This year, we were delighted to award the scholarships to Dana Alexander and Emily Goudie, two very deserving and aspiring animal lovers!

For more information on the Future Vet Kids Camp visit www.futurevetkidscamp.com